Scott County Virginia
Consents & Bonds of Marriage
1815 - 1853

In order for a marriage to take place four records were recorded. First the Consent of a parent or guardian of the bride or groom that was under age, or an oath that they were of age. Second usually the groom and the bride's father bound themselves for $150 which would be void after the marriage took place. Third the License was issued, and Fourth the Minister gave a Return of Marriage to be recorded in the courthouse.

In Marriage Book 1, is a list of Returns that were recorded by the county clerk. Many times the wrong name, date, etc were entered.

In the courthouse today, are the original loose pages of the Consent, Bond, License, and Returns.
THIS BOOK contains the reproductions of the actual Consents and Bonds that were found.

Included are:

  • 87 pages of Consents reproductions.
  • 153 pages of Bonds reproductions.
  • Completely indexed including all names on the document including the witnesses.
  • Total of 258 pages.


Scott County Virginia
Licenses & Returns of Marriage
1815 - 1853

This is the second half of the SCOTT COUNTY VIRGINIA CONSENT & BONDS OF MARRIAGE, 1815 - 1853 The set consists of a reproduction of all the original papers found in the courthouse of Bonds, Consents, Licenses, and Returns of marriage of these years. Also, some records were taken from several microfilms found in Salt Lake Utah Family History Center, and from the State Library in Richmond, VA.

The Bond book has the Bonds and the Consent of the bride's father for her to marry. The License Book has all the Licenses issued, and the actual Returns from the ministers. Between these two books, there are 142 marriages found that are not listed in the "Scott Co. Va Marriage Book 1"


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